Outdoor urban screens

"Design, installation and ongoing operation"

Visualed was awarded this project following a tender advertised by the Ramat Gan municipality. Visualed is responsible for all aspects of the project, from initial coordination of the infrastructure to the final installation of the screens. The uniqueness of the project is in its architectural design, which is the result of meticulous planning aimed at emphasizing and standardizing the screens in order to ensure their integration in the urban environment.

Since installing the screens, Visualed has been responsible for the ongoing production of urban content, including remote management and content adjustments for the various departments in accordance with the positioning of the screens. The Ramat Gan municipality and Visualed are working together to maximize the potential of the screens and to extend the project. The benefits of the system are very noticeable, and the municipality has publicly expressed its satisfaction with the screens and the advantages they offer in ongoing dialogue with residents.