Schneider Children Medical Center

VISUALED is helping the children through a BREAKTHROUGH content synchronized across unique Video Screens at 'Schneider Children Medical Center'

Schneider Children’s Medical center’ is the only pediatric hospital for children in Israel international accreditation for medical excellence and Quality, handling more than 275,000 patients visits and tratments a year.

This project began with a request to formulate a creative concept that would help to calm children and babies during the process of advanced mapping procedures, where patients are required to lie perfectly still. The solution was to create a video ceiling which would be fascinating to children and babies, through its structure and the manner which it was implemented.

In order to make the most of the project, VISUALED contacted the “Hop” channel to receive raw materials that would enable the production of unconventional material in uncommon resolutions. VISUALED Studio used these raw materials to develop a breakthrough content concept that included the production of high resolution (4K) synchronized content across three screens. The content included rich screen savers and adjustable graphics for different age groups, combined with different musical styles.
The project is proudly presented by Dr. Bar Saber as a BREAKTHROUGH, in the professional conferences, and demonstrates how creative thinking can help to achieve success in such unconventional and important projects.

“The success of this project is in the fact that it acts to significantly ease the experiences for both the patient and the professional Mapping are prolonged procedures. Their success is dependent on the child remaining still throughout the procedure. Lying motionless is challenging for adults, let alone for children. In addition, the size of the camera is likely to scare the child. The new video ceiling creates a “hypnotic” effect that acts to calm the children and greatly reduces any unwanted movements, thereby enabling us to successfully conduct the mapping procedures” Dr. Bar Sever ,Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department, at Schneider Center for Children).

VISUALED would like to take this opportunity to thank the “Hop!” channel for its contribution to this very special project.