Rotunda Displays

"It is immediately eye-catching to watch those twelve meter displays with their high definition and full-motion videos, presenting attractive marketing content that isn’t to be missed"

Visualed has collaborated with “BARAM” for one of its biggest projects at “Ben-Gurion” international airport. In this project, Visualed has established and installed an advanced remotely-controlled content management system for 12 major LED screens, located in a circular loop at the open space of Israel’s new duty-free.

“BARAM” is one of the biggest advertising companies in Israel, specializing in large advertising on buildings, walls and scaffolding. Visualed is an important strategic partner of “BARAM” due to the implementation of digital projects. The two companies work together in order to promote creative, technologically advanced projects in the digital field, helping to further Baram’s vision of becoming one of the leading companies in the world of digital advertising media.
Visualed provides creative content services for “BARAM” on a regular basis. These creative services include animated interludes, advertisements and animated videos. The Visualed studio manages the content from creation and editing the animations until the final product is ready to broadcast to passengers around the “rotunda” at “Ben-Gurion” international airport.