The new Duty Free

"With the rise of new technology, the emotion behind the shopping experience has become more important than the shopping itself. The result is an unparalleled sensory experience in the digital world"

The new international Duty-Free recruited Visualed to upgrade the store to a whole new level. A variety of 350 display solutions were recently installed to provide an upgraded digital signage platform.
In an era where the importance of “Sale” changes on demand, it is necessary to update content in real time.

In accordance with the project specifications, Visualed has defined and installed “C-Nario”, a digital signage management system developed by “YCD-Multimedia”.In this manner, Duty-Free can update new content remotely on demand in a platform that simply can’t be missed. The customer gains a shopping experience with up-to-date sales and special prices, while the publisher gains the customer – a win-win situation!. 
Visualed provides creative content services for Duty-Free on a regular basis. The creative services include animated interludes, advertisements and animated videos. Live Pixels studio manages the content from creation and editing animations until the final product is ready to broadcast to all passengers around the new Duty-Free.